Kvitová ends her cooperation with Černošek. She will be represented by the former director of Slavia

This year, Petra Kvitová, like the whole tennis world, had to regret Wimbledon, but she will dress in white and play on the grass. The two-time winner from the London grass today received permission from Professor Pavel Kolář that her forearm can play the green arm and can go to an exhibition in Berlin. In addition, it announced a new representative agency.

And it is in the German capital, the first of two events will take place on the grass at the beginning of next week. “I will play at least something on the grass this year,” said the current world twelve at a meeting with the media before the matches at Steffi Grafová’s stadium. The second tournament will be on a hard surface in the hangar at the former Tempelhof Airport.

The fight for the titles would culminate on the premises of the famous All England Club this week, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, no play is taking place. But 30-year-old Kvitová no longer feels nostalgia. “I was most affected when Wimbledon was canceled,” Kvitova said, adding, “I’m not dealing with it now, I’m taking it as it is. There are more important things in the world right now.”

The tournament at SW19 reminded her mainly of interviews and the campaign for Wimbledon. In both cases, she made strawberries with cream at home, one of the symbols of the tournament. “And I got the white clothes I was supposed to play in this year,” she said.

She plans to dress in white at a tournament in Berlin, where she can play despite a problem with her forearm that came back to her while playing clay. “As I try to lift the balls more, which is not usual for me, my hand stiffens. It jumps on the clay everywhere possible, you can feel it and a hand that has been played for many years will take it away,” she explained.

An examination by Professor Kolář did not reveal an acute problem. “He released my hand and said that he would let me on the grass and on the hard surface, so it turned out well,” Kvitová said.

He considers that he will choose clay tournaments more carefully in the future. Grandslam Roland Garros, which should take place in Paris this year in an unconventional way at the turn of September and October, but does not plan to miss it. “If he will, I will definitely go there. That’s 100% if my health allows it. I just have to prepare my hand better,” she said.

He doesn’t follow the news of the restart of the season much. The WTA Tour is scheduled to begin in August after a break, with the US Open scheduled for the end of the month. “If it is and the players go there and take it seriously, I will probably go too, even if the conditions will be demanding. I hope that no one will be positive, otherwise it will be a ruin for everyone.”

Kvitová recently learned that China would not hold any international sports events until the end of the year due to the coronavirus pandemic. This also applies to major tennis tournaments and Champions Championships. “It’s not entirely good news for the WTA, it will be a big blow for them. On the other hand, we know that China is generally demanding, more complicated, it’s a different world. Girls will be more happy about it, well,” said Kvitová.

After 15 years, she ended her collaboration with the Czech Sports Miroslav Černošek and has been represented in the Czech Republic since July by the Sport Institute, which was established this year at the tennis club in Prague’s Sparta and which is led by former football director Slavia David Trund.

“Thank you to Mr. Černošek for your cooperation. I have been in Prague for some time, I am training at Sparta and I am really looking forward to it. I think it will be great together,” said Kvitová, who is represented on the international stage by the IMG agency.


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