Kwango: 27 cases of Chikungunya already recorded and 5 samples sent to the INRB (Dr Aimé Kayolo)

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The head of the provincial health division of Kwango, Dr Aimé Kayolo, suspects the appearance of a viral pathology called Chikungunya in the Kenge health zone, of which 27 cases have already been recorded.

“Five samples are sent to the National Institute for Biomedical Research (INRB) for analysis,” he said Friday, November 27, 2020, to Okapi radio.

– Publicity-

Dr Aimé Kayolo indicated that this disease manifests itself by muscle pain predominantly in the lower limbs, thus preventing the patient from walking.

“The patient has a fever, he has a lack of appetite. So, let’s say, it’s really wrong. This is the third week since the disease appeared. So the cumulative amount is 27 cases, ”he added.

Dr Aimé Kayolo underlined that, for this viral pathology, only signs and symptoms are treated.

“We took five samples that we sent to the INRB, for which we do not yet have results. In the Kenge health zone, there are two areas that are concerned: barrier health area and CBCO health area, ”he explained.

For Dr Kayolo, environmental sanitation is important to prevent this disease, which is transmitted by the bite of the mosquito called aedes aegypti.

“Chikungunya is a disease caused by a mosquito bite. Prevention is environmental sanitation. So we have to avoid crowding, avoid throwing everything anywhere, avoid puddles. What is needed is to clean up the environment, to have the place clean. That’s all, ”he advised.

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