Kyle Kuzma’s perfect answer to the Clippers

The Clippers eliminated, we imagine that the Lakers are necessarily a little happy. Asked about the subject, Kyle Kuzma had a very intelligent answer to come back to this disillusion.

It hasn’t escaped anyone in the orange ball world: the Clippers won’t win the ring this season. Doc Rivers’ men were eliminated by the Nuggets in the second round of the playoffs. A disillusionment for this team, which already saw itself winning the title within a few weeks.

Relief for the Lakers? Not really. Denver has shown that the team is in good shape and above all in confidence. Jamal Murray even issued a first warning to the Angelinos. The latter are warned: it will not be a piece of fun to reach the grand final.

In all of that, LeBron James and his pals can’t avoid questions about the Clippers. Most of the media expected a Los Angeles derby in the conference finals, but it ultimately won’t. A problem for the Lakers? Kyle Kuzma had a very intelligent response.

We don’t focus on the Clippers and we never really did. We prefer to watch who is in front of us. When you start looking at other teams instead of focusing on your own, shits like that happen.

Some kind of tackle? Yes, we can see it that way. Kuzma believes the Clippers may have dreamed too much after leading 3-1 against the Nuggets. In the end, they will not see the next round of the playoffs. It’s not the Lakers who are going to complain.

Kyle Kuzma is categorical: the Lakers are not interested in other teams. It is probably better this way.

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