Kylie Minogue dismantles an urban legend of hers in ‘El Hormiguero’

Just launched his latest work, ‘Disco’, and what better way than to go to ‘El Hormiguero’ to present it and, incidentally, have fun and reveal some anecdotes of his impressive career. Kylie Minogue knows Pablo Motos and company well and that complicity was noticed from the first minute. The bad thing is that, due to the pandemic, he could not travel to Spain and the interview was by video call from London. “I am very happy to see you, even if it is like that”, the artist apologized. lives a confinement in the capital of the United Kingdom, “although not as severe as that of March”, he pointed out. The coronavirus crisis caught the interpreter in the middle of the recording of her new album and had to turn her house into a makeshift studio. “I did it by myself with these little hands,” she smiled. And she narrated how she ordered the equipment, “and they had to have made a movie to show how I opened the boxes, I tried to place everything by myself… and in the end I succeeded!

Two years after the release of ‘Golden’, the Australian artist has opted to revise the dance sound in her fifteenth studio album. “It’s disco music for adults,” he argued before making a live video clip with the help of Motos, the ants and the entire audience on the set. “It was incredible!” He could clap his hands. His ‘Disco’ he has edited it in up to fourteen different ways, including a version on the legendary cassettes of the eighties. “I have an old Walkman that I got a couple of years ago and it is fantastic. That click when inserting the tape, that horrible sound when you put on your helmets … With him I remember when I was fifteen, “he joked. And she acknowledged that she also made cassettes as a teenager. “I was waiting to hit the rec and the radio announcer always spoke and I screwed up the song,” he recalled.

That trip to the past led the presenter to ask him about an old urban legend that still circulates on the internet. Some say that Kylie and singer Rick Astley were the same person because when you slow down her songs or speed up his, the voices coincide. «I remember that story perfectly. I would love to have his voice because it is incredible, but we are not the same person. In fact, we met then in the same place, so it couldn’t be, but even so the legend kept running, “he commented laughing. Perhaps to deny her or to share talent with her British colleague, Minogue invited him to sing with her on the same stage a couple of years ago. Still, surely there will be conspiracy lovers who think that this was a sham and one of them was a hologram or something similar.


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