Kyrgyzstan promotes poisonous plant root as a treatment against COVID-19

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Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan): On Friday, the Kyrgyz authorities began promoting what they describe as a treatment against Covid-19, prepared from the roots of a plant known to be highly toxic to humans, in the midst of a new wave of infections in this country in Central Asia.

The Kyrgyz Ministry of Health provided this “treatment” during a press conference, confirming that President Sadir Zabarov used it to treat “thousands” of sick prisoners who were serving prison terms for hostage-taking operations last year.

The Minister of Health, Alim Kadir Bechialev, dosed in front of the journalists a small amount of the supposed treatment that contains parts of the root of the mountain plant aconitum, which contain toxic substances that kill humans and are used in traditional medicine.

The minister said, “There is absolutely no risk to health. You should drink it hot, and within two or three days, the PCR test will no longer be positive and the person will feel an immediate improvement.”

Before Friday’s press conference, President Jabarov published a video on Facebook showing what appeared to be the alleged treatment being packaged by men without any equipment or protective clothing.

And it was written on the labels placed on the packages that this liquid is effective “against corona virus and stomach cancer,” but with a warning that drinking the solution without heating it beforehand may lead to death.

On Thursday, the World Health Organization (WHO) criticized the authorities in Kyrgyzstan for promoting this plant root.

“Any drug that has not undergone clinical trials cannot be approved and recommended for use by the entire population,” she said.

Kyrgyzstan is currently facing a third wave of Covid-19 cases, after its hospitals suffered a difficult situation during the summer.

But this country is not the first to boast of alleged treatments against the Corona virus, without scientific evidence.

In Turkmenistan, which is also located in Central Asia, one of the most isolated countries in the world, the authorities are promoting a vapor treatment of the camel plant with purported curative benefits.

In light of the promotion of these supposed treatments that are not scientifically proven, according to researchers, health recommendations around the world are still focusing on the importance of wearing a muzzle, adhering to physical distancing and washing hands frequently as a way to prevent infection with Covid-19.


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