Kyrie Irving once again stated his refusal to vaccinate in the Instagram live broadcast and claimed that he would not retire due to this

Kyrie Irving Nets netball teamAnnounceProhibited from NBA With the team and training in the new season, the team expressed respect for Kyrie’s personal decision, but this decision prevented him from being able to member “full-time” players. The team does not accept players who participate in “part-time” mode, and Kyrie also shared his personal decision today. idea.

Kyrie Irving broadcasted live on his personal Instagram today, saying that he does not want to lose his salary and has the opportunity to compete with the team for the championship, but refusing to be vaccinated is still what he believes is “the best choice for himself.” In addition, Kyrie said that he loves basketball. He will never give up the game or retire, but he currently chooses to strengthen his position and understand the consequences. However, if the outside world wants to demonize or criticize people who have not been vaccinated, he thinks it is wrong. The world should be united rather than divided, and he did not commit a crime or hurt anyone.

Therefore, even if people choose to be vaccinated, Kyrie will also support and continue to bless those who have passed away due to the epidemic; it is understood that some people have lost their jobs because they refused to be vaccinated, so Kyrie hopes to defend people’s right to choose through action. .

According to the latest news from Shams Charania, Nets will not renew Kyrie Irving in advance, but Kyrie is welcome to return at any time, and Nets should continue to listen to his team’s offer.

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