Kyrie Irving really didn’t inspire the Rockets, neither did Ben Simmons …

The Houston Rockets wanted to clear James Harden as soon as possible after his statements following the loss to the Los Angeles Lakers. Logic. But the Texans didn’t want to Kyrie Irving in exchange for their MVP. Logical too.

“I know the Rockets absolutely didn’t want to hear from Kyrie Irving,” assure l’insider Tim MacMahon.

One could imagine it. But it’s still reassuring for the Rockets and their supporters to have proof that their leaders were not at all interested in the Brooklyn Nets All-Star point guard. Because his behavior is so strange, so unpredictable and sometimes so harmful that it was better not to try to get him back despite all his talent.

Did the Houston franchise make the right choice so far? MacMahon also reports that Ben Simmons was indeed on the table. The Philadelphia Sixers looked set to part ways with them, as well as Matisse Thybulle and other assets. But the Rockets preferred to choose the offer with the most picks. That of the Nets therefore. Four unprotected first rounds (one owned by the Milwaukee Bucks) and four swap rights.

They also unearthed Victor Oladipo in passing. Maybe they could get better elsewhere. But they are certainly relieved to move on and that is perhaps the most important.

Victor Oladipo still dreams of Miami and would hope for a trade

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