Kyrie Irving surprises Boston Celtics with Native American ritual before game

Kyrie Irving caused astonishment on his first return to Boston when he burned sage before the game and walked around the arena with it. It’s a Native American ritual that Irving would like to establish this season.

“Lots of Aboriginal people do that,” said Irving after scoring 17 points in his first game in Boston after leaving in 2019. “I just purify the air and make sure we all find our balance,” continued Uncle Drew.

The point guard had lit a bundle of sage before the game and then wandered around the entire hall with the smoking bush before smothering the embers in a traditional conch shell.

According to tradition, it is a spiritual ritual to rid the air of negative energy and promote health and wisdom. This custom is common with some Native American tribes. Irving himself was inducted into the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in 2018 as his mother is also part of the tribe.


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