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L1: when the OM online store offers products derived from … PSG!

The OM online store has just received a hell of a lot of spotlight in spite of itself. This Wednesday, she offered her fans, stamped products… PSG, the sworn enemy. Thus, we could find hats, scarves, neck warmers or gloves in the blue and red colors of the PSG with prices ranging from 10 to 15 €. Objects that have raised a lot of comments and questions on social networks, to the point that OM very quickly rectified the situation and quickly deleted these Parisian articles from its online store.

OM salespeople may have acted with originality and why not humor. Indeed, there was a quirky side to finding the products on the PSG alongside those as diverse as they are varied on the OM. Between the joysticks, flocked in the colors of their favorites, but also a model of the Stade Vélodrome or even sneakers, sheets, or even headphones, all of this obviously to the glory of the Olympique de Marseille. Without forgetting the eagerly awaited white jersey in all its versions at home, away or third, with the imperative scarf or hats or gloves, which is timely in this winter period.

Perfect gifts for the OM supporter who respects just before the Christmas holidays. With one exception …

So who said that Parisians and Marseillais couldn’t get along? There has certainly been national rivalry for a good half-century and the date of birth of PSG in 1970. PSG-OM have become classicos as awaited by football fans as for their regional dimension. But there is one area where the two clubs can come together, and that is the economy. So in business, there is no qualm to see.

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