L2: Sébastien Desabre, Sébastien Migné… the “Africans” of Niort challenge Chambly

Often ruthless, professional football sometimes leaves room for friendship. Thus, on the Niort bench, Sébastien Desabre, coach n ° 1 of the Chamois, he extended his hand to Sébastien Migné to make him his n ° 2. Friends of 30, Desabre, 44, and Migné, 48, each took an African selection, respectively Uganda and Kenya, to CAN 2019.

After his Kenyan adventure, Migné, former assistant to Claude Leroy in various African selections (Syria, DR Congo, Congo-Brazzaville, Togo) held the reins of Equatorial Guinea when the pandemic came to kill the project in the bud. Once his contract was amicably broken, Migné waited for a new opportunity to arise.

In the wake of the CAN, Desabre, also very focused on Africa, but more focused on the clubs (champion of Cameroon in 2013, Tunisia in 2014 and Angola in 2015), made a passage to the Pyramids in Egypt , then at WAC Casablanca, before responding favorably to the Niort offer in the offseason. “Sébastien wanted to come back to work in France and show what he is capable of,” explains Migné. He’s becoming a trendy trainer and he deserves it. After a first refusal on my part, he returned to the charge in October… ”

The two have been close friends for a long time. “We were teammates around 1993 in Mougins, where I was also his trainer thereafter, narrates Migné. Younger, we were roommates. Today, we spend vacations and celebrations with our respective families. During our expatriations, we called each other at least every two days. We always thought we would do something together. It was the occasion. It could have already been done the other way around when I was in the Congo. “

Unlike his younger brother, Migné had already worked in L2: “I went from L2 to L1 with Strasbourg from JPP and I also worked in Lens. Niort was an opportunity to rediscover daily fieldwork and also to be confronted with a methodology different from mine. And then to be with my friend. We agreed that I would give him a helping hand until May, before leaving for other horizons. “

“I put my ego aside for a few months”

In Niort, Migné is deliberately keeping a low profile. “The role of an assistant is to put himself at the service of his n ° 1,” said Migné. I put my ego aside for a few months. My role is to oil everything that can be oiled, so that it has the best possible results. I try to be a force of proposal in the reflections relating to our team and the opponent, by emphasizing the animation of the sessions, which remains my strength. “

Together, the two Sébastien do not see the hours go by. “We open the stadium and often close it,” says Migné. Our families are not yet there, so we spend a lot of time together. On Wednesday, we finished late and watched the Champions Trophy at Sébastien’s. “

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Present in the top five during the first quarter of the competition, Niort, recently sanctioned with a game lost on the green carpet against Valenciennes, has stalled in recent weeks. This Saturday, the club travels to Chambly with a certain ambition, tinged with caution.

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