L214 broadcasts images of rotting pigs in abandoned farm

Screen capture of the video broadcast by the L214 association on January 25.

The animal rights association L214 broadcast Monday, January 25 a video of rotting pigs taken in a breeding of Côtes-d’Armor, “Unbearable images” recognized the Cooperl, an agricultural cooperative to which the breeder is a member.

“A vision of horror”, described L214 in a press release. “On the floor of one of the rooms lie about twenty corpses. In other rooms, other bodies, sometimes almost in the state of skeleton, are nibbled by the rats. A wheelbarrow full of bones is lying around in the farm ”. According to the association, the facts occurred between August and December 2020 and the bodies were still “Scattered around the farm” January 13.

“Neither the department’s veterinary services, nor the Cooperl have been able to identify the breeder’s shortcomings and even less to compensate for his deficiencies”, estimates L214, which calls for an administrative investigation and announces the filing of a complaint “For cruelty and abandonment of animals to the prosecutor of Saint-Brieuc”.

“Unsustainable” images

Images “Are unsustainable”, recognized Cooperl, French leader in the pork industry, in a press release. “In view of the condition of the corpses, their disposition and the absence of traces of a fight on the leather, the veterinarian concluded that the pigs had died about 8 months ago, as a result of brutal suffocation. ‘breeder has informed neither the cooperative nor his veterinarian ”, adds the cooperative group, based in Lamballe (Côtes-d’Armor).

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The Cooperl specifies that this fattening site was “Physically closed” end of May 2020 “By the breeder at the request of his veterinarian”. “In view of the video, the suffocated dead animals remained on site without the cooperative and the rendering company being informed”, she assures.

A law on animal abuse

A “Farrowing site where sows and some of the pigs are reared”, owned by the same breeder, was subject to” corrective actions “ after reporting“Animals in distress” early September, according to the cooperative. The Cooperl, which achieved 2.4 billion euros in turnover in 2019, recalls “The moral and financial fragility of the breeder, whose company is placed in receivership”.

The “Cooperl continues to support this breeder to help him leave the profession”, adds the press release. The National Assembly is due to examine from Tuesday a proposal for a majority law against animal abuse, which does not address the issue of intensive breeding.

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