L214 denounces the insalubrity of a Herta “Préférence” pig farm

Allier: L214 denounces the insalubrity of a Herta “Préférence” pig farm – 20 Minutes

Pigs piled on top of each other, locked in cages that are too small, sick animals … The animal rights association L214 once again denounces the breeding conditions, by posting videos of a farm in Limoise (Allier ). She announced this Thursday to file a complaint.

L214 investigated this pig farm promoted by the Herta brand to illustrate its “Préférence sector”, which promotes “animal welfare” and “more responsible” breeding. “In the maternity wards, the sows (…) are locked in cages barely larger than their bodies. As we can see in the images, the space is so small that they struggle to get up. Under these conditions, we see that they happen to run over one of their young when lying down, ”notes the association.

Hernias “the size of a balloon”

“Without their mother’s attention, totally blocked, many piglets die at birth,” she continues. “The feeder pigs are piled on top of each other. Dirty, scratched, some have hernias the size of a soccer ball, ”writes the association in its press release.

“Since 2013, regulations require that all pigs have permanent access to materials that allow them to research and manipulate, such as straw, hay, sawdust, etc. Here, they only have a simple chain hanging from the ceiling, ”adds L214.

The cut tail, a practice however prohibited

Under these conditions, pigs show signs of aggression towards their congeners. “Instead of giving pigs more room and litter, we systematically cut off their tails to prevent them from biting and injuring themselves. This breeding practice is prohibited by regulations, ”recalls L214.

“Herta lies to us”, for Sébastien Arsac, co-founder of L214. “Herta ‘Preference’ farms are not animal friendly and do not operate in a more ‘modern and responsible’ way than most standard intensive farms. These are sordid farms where animals spend a lifetime of suffering. We are filing a complaint against Herta for mistreatment and consumer deception. We hope that these images will encourage the brand to radically and concretely change breeding practices. The association is also setting up an online petition to ask the owners of the brand, Nestlé and Casa Tarradellas, to commit to banning these practices.

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