“La Bebeshita” paralyzes VLA with tight red dress with openings | PHOTO

It is no secret to anyone thatLa Bebeshita“She has established herself as one of the most beloved and famous television hosts in all of Mexico. Her outstanding work in different projects broadcast in recent years by TV Azteca, and before that on Televisa, made her a character in entertainment.

Since her sudden appearance in Falling in Love, Daniela Alexis Barcelo Trilloreal name of “La Bebeshita”, has not tired of shining in the entertainment industry by participating in programs such as MasterChef Celebrity y Come the Joy Weekend.

His millions of followers on social networks celebrate each photograph and video published where he shows his life full of glamor and adventures with other celebrities and family members.

La Bebeshita paralyzes VLA with a tight red dress

During this Sunday’s broadcast on Come Joy (VLA), “La Bebeshita” She stood out for her sensuality and class by wearing a long scarlet red dress, very similar to the style of the sensual caricatura Jessica Rabbit. The “la Bebeshita” dress showed off her well-crafted figure with a V-neck that enhanced her bust, two lace slits on the sides of the legs, mid-heels in a shade of brown, and discreet accessories.

To give strength to the sensual dress, the driver’s makeup was slightly in light tones for her eyes and an intense red for her lips. The hairstyle was accompanied by long balayage style wicks. that covered the pretty shoulders of the driver.


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