La Boulisterie – Play pétanque in Los Angeles

La Boulisterie, another “French Touch”

La Boulisterie is a real invitation to travel by experiencing another “French Touch” and they are now (finally !!!) settled in Los Angeles!

In 2015, Boulisterie invents in Nice, for the first time in the history of boules (and aperitifs!), a concept allowing to play petanque everywhere, all the time and in all weathers: the first ephemeral bowling alleys !

Since then, the grounds have been perfected in order to be able to be installed outdoors but also indoors. The soft balls (weighing 680 gr like the “real” ones) replace the steel balls for more safety without sacrificing the feeling of play.

As soon as the space is flat, La Boulisterie installs in less than an hour a capsule composed of two ephemeral petanque grounds with synthetic coating, embellished with their “Made in France” decorative elements.

They also take care of the animation throughout the duration of your event, whether to explain the rules of the game to your guests or to organize a friendly meeting.

The visual identity of the pétanque “Made in France” is available on all their decorative elements in order to offer a poetic retro universe to the participants. To complete their space time capsule, Francette, their tricolor caravan from 1971, followed them on this trip and will bring the final touch to your event.

Close your eyes for a few moments… do you hear the cicadas and the sweet scent of Provence? Thanks to Boulisterie, your senses will meet 10,000km away to land on the Côte d’Azur (without having to queue at the TSA of LAX and without jet lag!)

The world’s most famous bowling alley arrives in Los Angeles

Created in 1910 in the south of France, bowls brings together and transmits team spirit and friendliness. Pétanque mixes dexterity and strategy, but remains simple and fun. It is a form of boules game the aim of which is to throw metal balls as close as possible to the “jack” while keeping the “Pétanca” in a circle (in the Occitan Provençal dialect, “Pétanca” is derived from the expression “pès tancats”, which means “anchored feet”).

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