La Cámpora referred to the photo of Olivos and crossed Macri due to indebtedness | In the middle of the media offensive

In the midst of the offensive unleashed by the political and media opposition for the birthday toast celebrated at Quinta de Olivos during isolation, despite the recognition of the mistake by the president Alberto Fernández, the organization The field took the opportunity to initiate a counterattack.

“With half of the media outrage of these days applied to other photos we would have saved ourselves the debt of the next decades“the organization wrote on its official Twitter account.

The published photo shows former President Mauricio Macri; the former Minister of Economy, Nicolás Dujovne, the former Chief of Staff, Marcos Peña; the former finance minister, Nicolás Caputo and Juliana Awada, Macri’s wife. In front of them is none other than the former director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde. That photograph was taken in 2018, when the macro regime, scared by the interruption of private financing, turned to the Fund to postpone the default.

“On the day of the flag, poor Manuel Belgrano, they announce that they have agreed with the IMF that famous loan of 57 billion dollars, of which 45 thousand entered. The Front of All had nothing to do with the debt. Having won the elections is part of that failure and that indebtedness that people perceived as a great failure “, Vice President Cristina Kirchner had recently recalled when referring to the effect of that pact inmortalized in the photograph in question.

The other photo, the one taken on July 20, 2020, was used in recent days by the opposition as the axis of the campaign for the Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Primaries. The insistence on installing the issue as an electoral issue from the opposition leaders he continued beyond Alberto Fernández’s apology.

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On Friday, the president acknowledged that this meeting should not have been held and assured that it would not happen again. “On July 14, my dear Fabiola’s birthday, she called a meeting with friends and a toast that shouldn’t have been made. I’m sorry it happened. Looking back I should have been more careful, which obviously I didn’t” he explained.


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