La Charentaise and Olivier Rondinaud in the spotlight on France 2, the website of Atelier Charentaises taken by storm

He was in front of his TV this Saturday, November 14, shortly after 1 p.m. “Our project is very well transcribed. It’s also a bit moving”. Olivier Rondinaud, contacted shortly after the broadcast of “Do not touch the Charentaise”, 30 minutes of an intimate report which traces the project of the great-grandson of the Rondinaud and Michel Violleau adventure to save the Charente, symbol of Charentais and French know-how, was a little lost: “It’s been madness for a few minutes. I answer between two texts and four calls.”

The website de l’Atelier Charentaises collapsed under the clicks to the point of giving way several times in the afternoon.“We launched it on Friday, for us it’s an important showcase, it’s also a way of reacting to the health crisis”, recognizes Olivier Rondinaud.

France 2 thus devoted its long-format report “1:15 pm on Saturday” to the energy that Olivier Rondinaud and Michel Violleau mobilized to save a unique know-how that the liquidation of La Manufacture Charentaise, the company born from the ashes of the four Charentais manufacturers Rondinaud, Laubuge, Degorce and Ferrand and liquidated in November 2018, had threatened to bury permanently.

The report that follows Olivier Rondinaud from the auction until recently, the resumption of activity and a fairly clear horizon. “The activity is strong. If some customers have canceled their orders, most have confirmed them. We are working hard to make up for the delay related to the first confinement. Today there are fifteen in the company and we are working on it. overtime “”, adds Olivier Rondinaud, owner of the Atelier Charentaises in La Rochefoucauld.

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