La Covid and the agreement with Trump delay the annexation of the West Bank

The West Bank Annexation Clock he started on the announced date, but in a different way from that planned by Benjamin Netanyahu. When everything pointed to an intervention by the prime minister to officially announce the first steps, the head of government’s office limited itself to issuing a statement to report that “negotiations with the United States envoys will continue in the coming days.”

Five months after making the announcement of the promise of annexation, Netanyahu is facing strong pressure from the international community, which consider this step illegal, to the US request to move calmly and not take steps outside of Donald Trump’s ‘deal of the century’, to the division of opinions within his government and to the coronavirus, which reappears strongly in Israel. This second wave, with almost a thousand infected daily, eclipsed the annexation in the local media and Channel 12 considered the pandemic “the topic of the day.” The informative star of this chain carried eight topics on the cover and annexation was not among them.

“It seems that nothing will happen today in the sovereignty issue»Foreign Minister Gaby Ashkenazi told Army Radio first thing in the morning. The head of Regional Cooperation, Ofir Akunis, explained in the afternoon that the annexation “could have been carried out, but there is still no agreement with the Government of the United States” and, also on Army Radio, announced that no will move nothing on the ground until there is “an official Trump statement” on the matter.

The president of United States is unpredictable on many issuesBut as far as Israel is concerned, it has so far been fully in tune with Netanyahu. After moving its Embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing the holy city as the capital of the Jewish State, accepting Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, and removing the label of “illegals” from the West Bank colonies, annexation is the next step. Trump has already advanced his view in the “plan of the century”, but the problem is that he made the creation of a Palestinian state a condition and the ultra-nationalist sectors of Israel do not accept it.

Palestinian offer

Palestinians staged protests in Gaza and the West Bank, which passed without incident. In the case of the Strip they were developed near the sea and not at the separation fence, a sign that Hamas didn’t want a tension increase. The Palestinian National Authority (ANP) condemns the annexation and rejects Trump’s plan, which it considers would be the end of the two-state solution because it breaks the territorial unity of the West Bank, and has adopted measures such as the end of coordination with the Israelis. .

The AFP agency reported an unexpected move by the Palestinian leadership of Ramallah, which would have shown its willingness to return to the table of direct negotiation with Israel if the other party abandons the annexation plans. Mahmoud Abás’s office reportedly sent this offer to Netanyahu through the Quartet, a group made up of the European Union, the United States, the UN and Russia.


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