La Farga Palau de Ripoll is home to the National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia

The Farga Palau de Ripoll will be headquarters of the National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (MNACTEC). This was approved this Tuesday by the Government, which emphasized that this is the most outstanding example and the only one that can be visited in the whole country of the production system known internationally as Farga Catalana, in full and with the singularity of the so-called horns. The space was acquired by MNACTEC itself in 1997 and, when the Catalan Cultural Heritage Agency was created in 2014, it was attached to this Agency, which has proposed its creation as the headquarters of MNACTEC. .

Since the year of its acquisition, the MNATEC has preserved, rehabilitated and museumized the equipment, where guided tours, demonstrations and educational activities are currently being carried out on a regular basis. It is also part of two European projects in the field of metallurgy.

In 1986, he received the designation of place of world metallurgical historical interest by the prestigious American Society for Metals.


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