La Gazette du LABORATORY – HyPrSpace and SpaceDreamS join forces for tests of an innovative space thruster and its “ground” means

2023-10-02 08:02:55

HyPrSpace and SpaceDreamS join forces for tests of an innovative space thruster and its “ground” means

HyPrSpace and SpaceDreamS are pleased to announce their strategic partnership to qualify the innovative OB-1 space launcher engines with the next-generation LOXBox liquid oxygen fueling system.

HyPrSpace is a startup developing Orbital Baguette-1 (OB-1), a micro-launcher based on a new patented hybrid propulsion technology. This solution makes it possible to obtain high propulsion performance, while reducing manufacturing and supply costs by 2 compared to standard liquid propulsion technology.

SpaceDreamS is a startup that designs the “service stations” for tomorrow’s rockets. The LOXBox, which provides the supply of liquid oxygen (-183°C), at high pressure and high flow rate, is a standardized, mobile, and compatible solution for all launcher qualification phases (engine, stages, suborbital launches and orbital).

As part of this partnership, HyPrSpace will test its engine in a 6m high stage configuration delivering up to 100kN of thrust, thanks to the very first refueling system developed by SpaceDreamS.

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About HyPrSpace:

Founded in 2019 by several engineers passionate about space, HyPrSpace is a company which is developing a micro-launcher capable of bringing 250kg of payload into orbit. It uses a hybrid propulsion method which mixes solid and liquid reagents, making it possible to have a simple and reliable engine. The innovation developed by HyPrSpace was assessed by the Directorate General of Armaments and ONERA. One of the winners of the France 2030 program, HyPrSpace is already financially supported by CNES (French space agency), ESA (European space agency), the Directorate General of Armament, and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

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About SpaceDreamS:

A CNES spin-off founded in 2021, SpaceDreamS is a company specializing in the architecture of ground means for space launches. In particular, it is developing the NuPad, a new generation launch pad solution, interoperable, mobile, multi-launcher and multi-site compatible. Composed of standardized “boxes” and its digital twin, this system makes it possible to meet the sector’s requirements in terms of availability, speed of implementation and cost optimization, all with a reduced environmental impact. Like “everything that flies starts from the ground”, SpaceDreamS supports institutions, launchers, and spaceports to facilitate access to space.

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