La Jornada – ASF detected irregularities in the exercise of Public Function in 2019

Mexico City. The Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) observed several irregularities and deficiencies within the exercise of the Ministry of Public Function (SFP), the agency in charge of fighting corruption in the federal public administration (APF).

In a performance audit, part of the review of the 2019 Public Account that was delivered on Saturday before deputies, the supervisory body detected that the agency in charge of Irma Eréndira Sandoval Ballesteros incurred discretion in the investigations it carries out; it resisted the audit process – arguing the suspension of work due to Covid-19; It applied only 92 investigations of patrimonial evolution, when more than 575 thousand declarations of patrimonial were presented; hid information from a union leader, among others.

Having resisted inspection, the ASF added, “turned out to be inconsistent with the strict application of the principles of transparency, accountability, and the fight against corruption and impunity that the federal agency itself promotes within the scope of its powers.” .

In the audit in which the Internal Control and Governance of the Oversight and Control Bodies in the Federal Public Administration were evaluated, irregularities were detected such as inexperience in the SFP staff, lack of clarity in the objectives pursued, lack of elements to integrate an appropriate and sufficient diagnosis of the situation maintained by internal control in the APF.

Furthermore, the agency did not have a policy, guideline, or methodology to justify how it selects the public servants subject to investigation.

This, the ASF noted, provided favorable conditions for the performance of acts of discretion in the selection of officials subject to investigation in 2019.

He explained that in ten investigations of asset evolution, five were related to the content and timing of various journalistic notes published throughout the fiscal year, two were carried out at the request of institutions outside the SFP and only three were suggested by areas of the agency .

Another of the resistances observed by the ASF was the refusal to deliver the information and documentation that was requested, specifically, the one corresponding to the files generated by the complaints, denunciations and citizen petitions for alleged administrative misconduct throughout 2019 before the internal bodies of control, as well as the reports of alleged administrative responsibilities made in the past year by these bodies.


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