La Jornada – Marcelo Ebrard answers questions from the New York Times

Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard pointed out that “it is false and unfounded” the assertion that the decision to build the elevated viaduct of Metro line 12 was taken under a logic of speed of execution, to the detriment of safety.

He also denied that this determination corresponded exclusively to him when he was head of government of Mexico City.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a copy of the responses he sent on June 3 to a 13-question questionnaire from The New York Times for a report on the collapse on line 12 – which left 26 dead – , which, the official accused on Twitter, “were completely ignored” in the content of the investigation published on Sunday by the US newspaper, in which it is suggested that the contracting companies were required to hasten the completion and opening of the work before the end of Ebrard’s term as head of government, which would have allowed “serious failures” in the construction that could be the cause of the collapse.

In the document, addressed to María Abi-Habib, head of the newspaper’s Mexico office, the foreign minister assured that “each and every one of the decisions regarding the layout and design of the Comprehensive Project of Line 12 were evaluated, verified, analyzed and adopted by a Central Committee of Works of the Government of the Federal District and by a Technical Subcommittee of the Comprehensive Project of Line 12 – both collegiate bodies, the second made up of technicians and experts – and accompanied by prestigious institutions such as the Engineering Institute of the UNAM ”.

He clarified that unlike what was stated in his questionnaire by the newspaper’s reporters, the COMIINSA company “was never hired or commissioned” by the capital’s government to carry out a study on the safety of the elevated section of the subway line to be built.

He also indicated that it is an “unknown” to know if the administration of his successor, Miguel Ángel Mancera, carried out the supervision and maintenance corresponding to that line to avoid a possible tragedy.

“It is, for example, impossible to know if the administration of Dr. Mancera carried out all the maintenance work required in cases of earthquakes of a certain magnitude, or if the work carried out after the earthquake was carried out in the appropriate way, given that a significant amount of documents were reserved ”.

This is contrary to the fact that all the documentation referring to the gestation and construction of the line “can be easily known through the relevant documents that have been made public.”

The official assured that the administration of his successor received the guidelines on potential damage by earthquakes and specific works to be carried out after them.

“Knowing if the Mancera administration carried out the re-leveling work, necessary after the earthquakes that hit the capital, notably that of September 19, 2017, is something that has to be proven with official documents. For the same reason, the potential damage that could have caused to the elevated track is not known, for example, the performance of work such as the replacement and placement of tons of supplies ”.

On Twitter, Ebrard also emphasized that once the expertise by the government of Mexico City that will be part of the investigation of the accident is known, “I will share my assessment of technical assertions and political intentionality of the text (from The New York Times ) “.

Claudia Sheinbaum also denies NYT claims

In this context, the head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbuam Pardo, affirmed that she did not leak any information about the accident on line 12 that occurred on May 3 to the US newspaper, which she accused of trying to confront the fourth transformation .

The NYT will publish that in its edition today that the collapse of a trabe in the Olivos-Tezonco interstation was due to the fact that the steel nails to support the elevated viaduct were not properly welded due to the alleged rush that the government had to finish. the work, carried out under the management of the current Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard.

“Regarding the article that appears in the NYT today on line 12 and the claim that some have made that the information came from the City government, I categorically clarify that we have never used journalistic leaks to inform or do our work” the head of the local executive wrote on her Twitter account.

In a chain of messages, he underlines that “And less to a medium that has sought to confront the 4th Transformation.”

He recalled that his government has been very responsible in indicating what to wait for the expert reports to determine the causes of the accident in which 26 people died and added that “we are characterized by telling the truth directly and without intermediaries.”

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