La Mauricie and Center-du-Québec in gasoline shortage

A gasoline shortage is hitting the administrative regions of Mauricie and Center-du-Québec. Several gas stations have found themselves completely dry in the last few days as the construction holidays are well underway.

Fortunately, several delivery trucks finally arrived on Tuesday to fill the tanks.

In Parisville, in Center-du-Québec, Raymonde Demers can finally refuel. This Sainte-Françoise resident had been waiting at home since Sunday, unable to find nearby stations that had gasoline.

“In Deschaillons, there were no more. We went a little further to the Sonic in Saint-Pierre, I was also told “we don’t have any more”, “said Raymonde Demers, interviewed by TVA Nouvelles.

“I had a good amount this morning, we should be good to go until Friday. But it is sure that if they do not come on Friday, we will miss it, ”explained Sylvain Auger, director of Sonic in Parisville.

The Sonic gas station in Parisville has still not received its delivery of diesel. The business does not yet know when the truck will arrive.

In Saint-Maurice, a gas station also ran out of gas for 48 hours. The customers in full construction vacation had to turn back.

“Every day, we saw the tank go down. Unfortunately, we were part of the lot. But there, the problem is solved, ”commented Mathieu Beaudry, the owner at Proxi Saint-Maurice. The supply truck finally arrived several days late.

The cause of this gasoline shortage is the lack of drivers. The trucking industry is also affected by the labor shortage. Distributors are struggling to deliver all orders.

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