La Mirona de Salt will perform a concert by Manel with 1,000 people standing and without distances

La Mirona de Salt (Gironès) will organize a concert by Manel with 1,000 people in the audience who will be able to stand up straight and without maintaining safety distances, but will have to wear a mask. In addition, each attendee will be required to show the negative result of an antigen test through the ICC AOKpass virtual digital certificate. Manel will perform on May 21 at nine in the evening and tickets will go on sale this Wednesday, May 12 at noon for a price of 23 euros and 100 will be reserved for raffle among health personnel. The initiative is part of the Obrir Girona clinical trial that has been running for two weeks. The first of the activities was to open some restaurants to offer the dinner shift.

The Obrir Girona clinical trial continues with new activities. If two weeks ago there was an attempt to open restaurants to offer dinners in the city, last week a concert was organized with more than 200 attendees without keeping their distance. Now, the organizers of the rehearsal have planned to do a concert by Manel in the Mirona de Salt with 1,000 attendees who will be standing without maintaining safety distances. The concert will take place on May 21 at 9 p.m.

However, each person entering the concert hall must do so with a certificate proving that they have little risk of contracting covid-19. To do this, an antigen test must be performed 36 hours before the concert in one of the thirty or so accredited pharmacies to do so at a cost of 8.5 euros. If the person in question has been vaccinated, they will also be able to present the vaccination certificate which will validate their pass. In the event that the virus has been overcome, the results of a positive PCR of more than fifteen days must be presented. In the latter two cases, the pharmacy will charge 2.5 euros to validate the certificates.

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Tickets will go on sale on Wednesday, May 12 at 12 noon through the website of the Salta concert hall. Tickets will be stored in the Tiketblok app and everyone will need to install it on their mobile phone to access the event. This application identifies attendees through their device.

In this way, when someone buys more than one ticket, it will be necessary for him to transfer each ticket to an assistant and for everyone to have their own ticket when accessing the Mirona. This ensures that the organizers can get in touch with each person during and after the concert.

Of the 1,000 tickets available, the organizers of Abrir Girona will reserve 100 for healthcare staff. These will be raffled among those workers who sign up. The idea is to thank the collective for the work done throughout the pandemic.


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