La Pampa, among the provinces where less physical exercise is done

The survey of the National Survey of Risk Factors, which was carried out by INDEC and the Ministry of Health, indicated that half of the Argentine population does not do physical activity regularly, which can cause or enhance health problems in them over time.

According to the “movement map”, the province of San Juan tops the list while Formosa is in the last place. La Pampa appears in position 19, with 43.8% of its population.

Physical exercise brings innumerable benefits to the body: it helps to control weight, reduce the risks of suffering from heart problems and other non-communicable diseases, reduces the chances of suffering from depression and anxiety, and maintains strong cognitive abilities, among others.

However, according to the work carried out by government entities, only 55.8% of citizens over 18 years of age practice physical activity on a regular basis. And within the country, each province operates at its own pace.

After the survey, a map of the “movement” was created according to each jurisdiction and it was shown that San Juan is the most active province in the country: 76.8% of people do sports on a regular basis, which means that out of 750,000 inhabitants, some 576,000 exercise.

The difference with the jurisdiction that follows on the map is more than six percentage points, in relation to Jujuy, where 70.6% of its residents practice physical activity; and of almost 10 with the one that is in third place, the City of Buenos Aires, with 67.6%. The classification is followed by Chubut, with an active participation of 65.7%; Santa Fe, with 65.5%; Tierra del Fuego, with 61.3%; San Luis, with 61.1%; Mendoza, with 61%; Entre Ríos, with 60% Corrientes, with 59.8; Neuquén, with 56.8%; the province of Buenos Aires, with 54%; Córdoba, with 53.1%; and Río Negro, with 50.4%. Meanwhile, with less than half of its inhabitants exercising, are Tucumán, with 49.3%; Jump, with 47.4%; Santiago del Estero, with 45.4%; Santa Cruz, with 45.3%; La Pampa, with 43.8%; Chaco, with 42.7%; Missions, with 42.5%; Catamarca, with 41.9%. Finally, the worst records are in La Rioja, with 38.8%; and Formosa, with 30.9%.

The survey data show that physical activity among Argentines is still low, but there have been improvements in the last decade.

In 2009, 54.9% did not do physical activity, a figure that has dropped to 44.2% now. According to the World Health Organization recommendation, adults should perform 150 minutes per week of moderate or intense physical activity to ensure a better quality of life.

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