“La Poudrière”, immersed in the ultra-right galaxy

Delivered. The Powder Magazine is a well-documented journey into the violent ultra-right, its plots, networks and multiple obsessions. Jean-Michel Décugis, journalist at Parisian, the novelist Pauline Guéna and Marc Leplongeon, journalist at Point, went through the police and judicial files of most of these small groups, and were especially able to meet many of these activists, often difficult to access, whose portraits they draw with a great sense of detail.

This dive is certainly worrying, but is a match sufficient to blow up this powder keg? The authors don’t really answer the question, and while much of the fascosphere dreams of and braces for a racial civil war, the explosion luckily doesn’t look like tomorrow.

“Diverse, confrontational and bellicose”

First of all, recognize the authors, because “This ultra-right is plural, diverse, conflictual and belligerent; the contours of its legions are blurred, it is deeply divided and its attempts to unify have so far met with failure “. Numerically, the ultra-right remains a muscular group, around 3,000 individuals, according to General Information in 2004, and the figure has not significantly increased since, according to political scientist Jean-Yves Camus. It is furthermore broken up into multiple groups, with very shifting cartography, who often hate each other.

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Hence the difficulty of thinking about this galaxy, which shares only the cult of the leader, often but not always, anti-Semitism or Nazi nostalgia and, above all, the fear of the “great replacement”, popularized by Renaud Camus , and the desire for an ethnic war to reclaim the space of white peoples.

The authors got away with a chronological breakdown, from the demonstration “day of anger” of January 26, 2014 against the government and “marriage for all”, passing, in 2018, by the “yellow vests”, until to the slave caricature of the deputy La France insoumise Danièle Obono in Current values, August 26, 2020.

Eric Zemmour’s analyzes

The journalists recount some strong scenes, such as the “yellow vest” of the Ardennes “Didier” who told them: “If we have to kill people, police, we will. If there is collateral damage, so be it. “ They met at length Logan Djian, the former leader of the GUD (Union Defense Group, far-right student organization), a refugee in Rome, with a heavy record, who remains anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic, revisionist, shares most of Eric’s analyzes. Zemmour, but regrets that he is “Jewish, and a lot of people around me hate him for that”.

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