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Lima, March 1, 2021Updated on 03/01/2021 09:47 am

The result of the draw for the Suitable on Sunday February 28, 2021 in which a millionaire pot of S / 6′536,452 was at stake, which will continue to accumulate as there was no winner with six hits.

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The winning play of Sunday’s draw had the following numbers: 45, 27, 39, 21, 29 and 44. La ‘boliyapa’ was the number 37.

The procedure was carried out in the presence of Dr. Loudelvi Yáñez Aspilcueta, a notary public of Lima.

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There were 417 winners with four hits; 16 with four hits plus the ‘boliyapa’ and 10 winners with five hits. There were no 5 + 1 winners or six hits.

In this way, the millionaire jackpot accumulates and now it will be S/6′738,484. The next draw of the Suitable It will be Wednesday, March 3.


La Tinka: know the result of the draw carried out on 02/28/2021



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