La version Switch prend date

Although originally it was due to arrive on March 20, at the same time as the other versions, the Switch version of DOOM Eternal was not there, however. We can even say that she simply played dead, until very recently. Today, this portable edition finally has its release date, and even a launch trailer that is reassuring in terms of its visual quality.

A port that took its time

We’re not going to hide it, DOOM Eternal rewrote Fast FPS history earlier this year. The 2016 episode was undoubtedly good, but this year’s vintage is taking risks and establishing itself as a new benchmark of the genre. Only here, wearing a size like this on a console like the Switch is no easy task. And can attest to titles like XCOM 2 or The Outer Worlds, who experienced the transition very badly.

This certainly explains the time it took for this Switch version to finally come out of its hole. Since we imagine that Bethesda and Panic Button, respectively editor and developer of this port, did not want to alter the original game. Finally, we will not have to wait long to discover all this with our own eyes, since the title finally holds its release date on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

DOOM Eternal will happen December 8 on Switch, or in a little over a week at the time of this writing. Small flat, as exciting as this launch trailer is, it does not however indicate what happens to the DLC of the title on this medium. We will therefore have to wait for Bethesda to reveal a little more to us, or to have the game in hand to break the secret.

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