“La Voix”: on the way to the semi-final

The games are made for Clément Jacques, Suzie Villeneuve, Flora Stein and Michaela Cahill, who triumphed in the second quarter-final of “La Voix” on Sunday and will continue the adventure next week, two weeks before the grand final .

“We may not have an audience in the studio, but we have a lot of voices (…) I promise you a whole evening!” Promised Charles Lafortune when he launched the show.

A few seconds earlier, an energetic opening painting entitled “Homage to the singer-songwriters”, during which succeeded on stage Luc De Larochellière (“Save my soul”), France D’amour (“The common thread “And” Que des mots “), Fanny Bloom (” Cinema “), Vincent Vallières (” At the height of a man “) and Daniel Boucher (” Chez nous “), with various candidates, and accompanied by the virtual choir of the Choir des Jeunes de Laval for certain pieces, had already given a glimpse of the eclecticism that would tint the show.

The team of “La Voix” quickly turned into a dime since last Monday, to compensate for the absence of spectators in the MELS studio, due to government directives that ban crowds in cultural places for the next 28 days.

Instead of the usual bleachers filled with the public, huge screens surrounded the decor and broadcast live the reactions of the families of the finalists – sometimes very emotional! -, from their home, during and after their number. Sound effects also gave the change after the performances of the candidates to evoke applause.

In the Cœur de pirate team, Clément Jacques won easily with 86% of the votes, ahead of his opponents Tom-Éliot Girard and Marie-Luce, who both obtained a score of 57%, the choice of their coach and of the public combined. Girard (who poured into the slam on “J’arrive”, by Ben Mazué) and Marie-Luce (who revisited “Y’a les mots” by Francine Raymond) were also solid.

In addition to Clément Jacques’ very personal interpretation of “On ne change pas”, by Céline Dion, his purebred chihuahua named Boy, who watched him quietly at home, stoic in front of the screen, has surely touched many viewers.

“We don’t really know what we’re hoping for when we do ‘La Voix’, said the man who launched four albums, and who still works as a carpenter-joiner. I’m not the type of guy to seek sympathy or want to be loved at all costs, but I hope to live only from this profession, to maybe one day give up construction. . “

“It’s her second round of the merry-go-round, but this time, she’s going to the semifinals,” noted Charles Lafortune about Suzie Villeneuve, who snatched an impressive 92% of points with “To my manner ”, hit by Ginette Reno written by Diane Juster. In front of her, Gabriel Forest (with “Hold Me While You Wait” by Lewis Capaldi) and Karolane Brisson (naughty on “The crowd”, by Edith Piaf), respectively withdrew 49% and 59% in the vote. The ex-star-academician was particularly moved by this victory.

“It touches me deeply today, with all the course and the choices behind it,” explained Suzie. For a while, I wished this would all stop, but going to visit the reasons I chose to quit, it reconnected me to it. Today, I have the opportunity to see everything, appreciate everything, and I savor every minute. I have nothing to do with the 19-year-old girl who took her first steps at “Star Académie”. “

In the ranks of Pierre Lapointe, the theatrical Flora Stein will slip into the next level with the 83 points gained thanks to her version of “The antidote”, by Ehla. At his side, William Fontaine-Jalbert (65 points) had rubbed shoulders with “Karma Police” by Radiohead, and Alex Burger (52 points), with “Doris”, by Stephen Faulkner, with the message “Justice for Joyce”, in reference to Joyce Echaquan, stuck prominently on his guitar.

“It was a very emotional day,” said Flora. Not having an audience was special for me. I am really a “people person”, as they say. I am in the right place, mentally! (laughs) “

Finally, at Marc Dupré, it is Michaela Cahill, who had survived the Battle Chants two weeks ago, who obtained her pass for the rest of the journey “La Voix”. She thus passed Katrine Sansregret (67 points thanks to “If it was enough to love”, by Céline Dion) and Francis Degrandpré (50 points with “Amazed”, by Lone Star) at the finish line.

“I’m really surprised,” Michaela said. At this point, we don’t know what will happen. We’re all good, we make friends, and anything can happen. “


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