“La Voz Kids”: 12-year-old boy surprises the jury after confessing that he is in love and is reciprocated

Little Stefano Gonzáles surprised with his response in La Voz Kids. (Photo: Latina)

Stefano Gonzales surprised the jury of The voice Kids not only because of his blind audition, but also because of his unexpected response to Eva Ayllón’s question, who – because of the passion he put into his song – asked him if he was in love.

To which the boy immediately answered yes. The jury showed their surprise, while Eva Ayllón stressed that it was noticeable by how she interpreted the song “I don’t give up” by Luis Fonsi. But this did not stop there, because the Creole asked him again: And are you reciprocated?”. Once again having an affirmative answer from the little one.

This response further surprised those present, including his parents who were speechless.

Stefano Gonzáles came to the singing competition from Trujillo and got Eva Ayllón and Joey Montana to turn their chair. After thinking it over, the little boy decided on Picky’s interpreter.

La Voz Kids is in the blind audition, and has the difficult to choose the best voice among children of 8 to 15 years. It should be noted that in its first season it had the singer as its winner Amy Gutiérrez.


The new coaches for this season of La Voz Kids are Christian Yaipén and Joey Montana. They will accompany Daniela Darcourt and Eva Ayllón to choose the most talented voice among all participating children in the country.


Leila Marrufo, a native of Chota, Cajamarca, surprised the jury of The voice Kids after singing the emblematic song La Guardia Nueva, especially to Eva Ayllón, who did not hesitate to fight Joey Montana, so that the 8-year-old girl remains in her team.

Of the four coaches, Eva Ayllón and Joey Montana were the ones who turned their chair around and highlighted the talent of the girl, who in the interview played the ukulele and left Gianella Neyra speechless.

After asking her for her final decision, Leila Marrufo chose Eva Ayllón, who excitedly ran to hug her.

“I feel very happy because the coaches turned around, when I entered the stage, I said ‘I’m going to give it my all’, and I started singing with all my heart. I am very happy to be on Eva’s team. I am here to represent all my people from Chota, Cajamarca, and show that my people can, and the Marrufo Núñez can too ”, he said with great enthusiasm.

Niña de Chota passes the audition blindly.  (Photo: Latina)
Niña de Chota passes the audition blindly. (Photo: Latina)


To see La Voz Kids 2021, you only have to access the live Latin signal through the Internet HERE ; or on the Movistar Play, Claro and DirecTV digital platforms.



Daniela Darcourt is a well-known Peruvian salsa singer, songwriter, and dancer. In 2004 he entered the National University of Music of Peru to study singing and music. In 2006 she studied ballet at the San Marcos Cultural Center.

In the last five years, the sauce boat has emerged in the music industry. In 2016 she belonged to the female salsa music group Son Tentación and two years later she launched herself as a soloist, appearing in shows such as “Daniela Darcourt y orquesta”.

Without a doubt, she has known how to take her career abroad since on May 13 she was nominated for Best Southern Artist at the Heat Latin Music Awards and has received various national recognitions. Currently we can see her as a jury in La Voz Senior and soon in La Voz Kids.


He is a singer and songwriter of cumbia, currently a vocalist and leader of Grupo5. Son of the great Elmer Yaipén, founder of one of the most recognized cumbia orchestras in the north and who was baptized as the “pharaoh of the cumbia.”

Christian Yaipén He studied music at the University of Berklee in the United States and is now the heir to the entire legacy that his father has been building in the last 40 years. He has become the image of the cumbia group that he carries out with his brothers and thanks to his talent he has continued with national and international tours.


María Angélica Ayllón Urbina, known in the artistic world as Eva Ayllón, is a Peruvian singer and songwriter of the Afro-Peruvian genre and Creole waltzes. He began his career at a very young age working in Creole peñas and years later he joined the Los Kipus group being the main voice and accompanying them to travel throughout Peru.

Eva has been the interpreter of multiple hits such as “Que somos Amantes”, “Nada Soy”, “Mal Paso”, “Taita Guaranguito” among others, which have undoubtedly been danced and heard around Peru and the world.

The golden voice of Peru has been the winner of the Latin Grammy for Musical Excellence for its contribution to culture and has been nominated more than 8 times for Best Folk Album. With more than 50 years in the music industry, he has established himself as a world idol of folklore.


Panamanian singer-songwriter of urban music, Edgardo Antonio Miranda Beiró is artistically known as Joey Montana. He belonged to the musical group La Factoría with whom he toured 25 concerts and had a participation in the Mexican telenovela Class 406.

After five years, he decided to start his solo career by releasing his first album entitled Sin Cadena on November 13, 2007. In 2010 he joined the promoter Wa Promotions directed by Panamanian Anel Walaco Sandoval and released his second album called Flow. With class.

He has been the interpreter of international hits such as “Suena el dembow”, “Picky”, “La melodía”, among others. In addition, the singer already has experience in singing reality shows because he was a jury in La Voz Ecuador in 2016.

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