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El reality The voice Kids continues to give something to talk about on social networks. This time, the program is on the lips of Colombians on account of the case of the little Jackson Barreto Maramara, 11, a Venezuelan boy who appeared on the program in the company of Esther Molina, who became the godmother of the child in the country.

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Jackson Barreto, who performed with the ranchera song ‘My living room is celebrating’, told the program that he spent time singing in the streets and collecting money, until Molina became his ‘godmother’.

But the controversy surrounding his story began this week when Queen Isabel Maramara, mother biological of the minor, assured that he did not know the location of his son until he saw him on the television program.

The woman stated that she did not abandon Jackson and that she is not interested in giving custody of the child to Esther Molina, his godmother.

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She told me that if I wanted to go get money, but I told her that I was not selling my son. It is a strong story, I am waiting to get out of this because I want to rescue my son. I told him: ‘you can have a lot of money, but he’s my son and I’m not giving him away’“, ‘El Pitazo’ told the media.

But the case of Jackson continues to move, because this Friday the statements of the minor’s ‘godmother’ were known, who assured that he does not want to take away the kid his mother does not want to profit from his talent.

Molina told the media ‘El Pitazo’ that she took the minor to the ‘Caracol’ contest with the consent and signature of her mother Reina Maramara.

The mother agreed and signed the papers to be able to register him in Caracol“Said the woman, denying that the mother was unaware of the reality show and the location of her son in the country.

Jackson’s stepfather, José Gregorio Carrasco, also confirmed this version to the aforementioned media and affirmed that the boy asked his mother to authorize his participation in the Program.

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The boy said: ‘Mom, give me the signature, please. Do it for me, I want to be something in life and fulfill my dream. ‘ So my wife signed it for her”Said Carrasco.

Esther Molina also told the story of how she met and welcomed the little one Jackson and he recalled that the first time he heard him sing was in Arauca, in December 2019, when the boy came to his cell phone accessories store to let him sing.

He arrived so that they would let him sing and that they would give him something and, at that moment, there was a connection between the two and I decide to help him”, He told ‘El Pitazo’.

Molina said that from that moment on he was moved by the case and the story of the minor. He also stated that he has a lot of appreciation for Jackson and that he is not the only child he has helped, as he considers himself “an altruistic woman”.

The woman also referred to the custody of the minor and affirmed that at this moment there is an open process in the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare and that she provisionally has the custody of the minor.

Finally, Molina assured that Jackson’s participation in the reality show has made him very happy.

The child feels very proud that God has given him that talent; he is super happy to be here with us (…) there are many people here in Arauca who have supported him and who are proud that he is here in Colombia and has gone to represent not only Venezuela but also Arauca, “he said.


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