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Sleep disorders or lack of sleep is one of the diseases of the era, and therefore serious consequences that may reach early death, we present in this report, with tips for getting good sleep and dealing with sleep disorders in the time of Corona, and instructions for a healthy nap.

It is wrong to think that lack of sleep can be compensated later. The damages resulting from this are direct and continuous, no matter how much a person tries to remedy them later. One night in which we do not get enough sleep is enough to cause nervous and psychological disorders, especially if we work the next day, according to statements made by Dr. Hans-Günter Weiss, head of the German Institute of Sleep Medicine (DGSM), made to German media, and quoted Deutsche Welle in a report.

But when can we say we got enough sleep? Can it be calculated in hours?

The German expert, who has written a book on the topic entitled “Sleep Works Miracles”, responds by saying that it cannot be determined by hours, but rather the determining factor is genes, which means that each of us has to monitor his body to extract the number of hours he needs to sleep. However, there is an approximate average of seven hours of sleep for men, while women need an additional twenty minutes.

When does lack of sleep become dangerous?

This question cannot be answered decisively. However, experts advise those who have had problems sleeping three times a week for a month, to go to the doctor immediately.

Of course, lack of sleep is one of the problems of the modern era, and it is more common in developed countries, where work pressures are more severe, compared to other societies. But the spread of smartphones has in turn affected the quality of sleep, on a global level, until the smartphone has become a “disruptive” factor for healthy sleep, due to “the rate of blue light on screens that negatively affects the secretion of the hormone melatonin” responsible for sleep, according to doctors.

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The damages caused by lack of sleep can be summarized in the following:

Weak immune system

A lack of sleep for an average of two hours for two weeks is enough to cause a defect in the immune system. A common symptom is having a cold constantly. Dr. Weiss says that, according to studies conducted at his institute, “every one of two people catches a cold due to lack of sleep.”

Reducing mental abilities

Lack of sleep directly affects and limits one’s mental abilities. This is clearly demonstrated by the official statistics, which indicate that the number of victims of traffic accidents due to poor concentration is much higher than those caused by drinking alcoholic beverages while driving.


Lack of sleep causes hormonal disturbances, which causes weight gain. Lack of sleep also increases the desire to eat, and the reason is the increase in the secretion of the hormone “ghrelin”, which is responsible for the feeling of hunger.

Psychological problems

Mental disorders, depression, and some have phobias are common symptoms of lack of sleep. Doctors classify sleep disorders at the forefront of symptoms of depression.

early death

Lack of sleep increases the risk of early death, because the body does not reach the desired level of rest. Also, the aforementioned diseases would increase the risk of early death in the event that a person was infected with one of them. This also applies to people who oversleep.

Sleep disturbances in the time of Corona… Causes and solutions

Recently, there has been a high incidence of insomnia and sleep difficulties due to psychological stress caused by the outbreak of the new Corona virus “Covid 19”. A German news agency report presents some simple measures one can take to face these difficulties in order to enjoy a good and restful sleep.

Dr. Hans Günter Weiss, a German sleep medicine specialist, said that the Corona pandemic has caused a high rate of sleep disorders, due to concerns about health, material conditions and the absence of social contact; Where these factors lead to psychological stress, which is the archenemy of a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

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house work

For her part, Dr. Dora Trichet, a German sleep medicine specialist, indicated that working from home also contributed to the high rates of sleep disorders, explaining that when a person stays inside the house for a long time, the body does not perceive the light shift between day and night in a way. Good, and then one does not feel tired at night, which in turn paves the way for insomnia.

To face sleep disturbances and get a good sleep, especially in the time of Corona, the following is recommended:

  • Stay away from the factors that cause psychological stress and insomnia; Where the home office should not be placed in the bedroom.
  • A fixed sleep/wake-up rhythm should be followed.
  • It is also useful to follow some rituals before bed, such as drinking a cup of warm milk or a cup of tea with honey, while coffee should not be drunk in the evening because of its negative impact on sleep quality. In general, fluids should be reduced in the evening to avoid getting up at night to urinate.
  • It is important that the bedroom is an ideal sleeping environment; The room should be dark and quiet, with a suitable temperature for the person, generally between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius.
  • Take into account not to be exposed to the blue light emitted by electronic devices such as the smartphone and TV before going to bed at least two hours; Because blue light suppresses the sleep hormone, melatonin.
  • The right bed plays an important role in enjoying a good and comfortable sleep; Where the bed should be of an appropriate height so that it is not too high or too low, while the mattress should be solid enough so that one does not “drown” in it during sleep, taking into account the change of the mattress every 8 to 10 years at most. Appreciation.
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Nap tips

For its part, the German magazine “Freuden” indicated that napping helps a person recharge his energy during the day, in addition to that it
Reduces stress levels and stress. The German magazine pointed out some mistakes that should be avoided to enjoy a perfect nap.

The German magazine indicated that it is not permissible to take a nap after two o’clock in the afternoon, because this may make it more difficult to sleep at night, in addition to that there must be a specific period for naps, with planning for another 30 minutes until the focus is fully restored. After waking up, since one is often drowsy and sluggish after a nap.

It may be tempting to sleep for longer than 25 minutes in a nap, but sleeping for a longer period does not help to achieve relaxation and restore activity and vitality, since the transition to the stage of deep sleep after half an hour has passed, and therefore one may feel lazy If the nap is longer than 25 minutes.

Some people may be able to sleep during the afternoon anywhere, but most people need a suitable atmosphere before they can sleep, so it is best to choose a dark, quiet and comfortable room, and earplugs or sleeping masks can also be used, If there is a noise or bright atmosphere in the surrounding environment.

In conclusion, there are some cases in which one should give up naps, for example when waking up late in the morning or when wanting to go to bed early, since napping may make sleeping difficult during the night, and people who suffer from Sleep problems in general, giving up naps, and feeling unusually tired during the day for a long period of time
It is advisable to consult a specialist doctor.


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