Lady Di re-staged

Emma Corrin, very convincing Lady Di in season 4 of the series The Crown.


A brushing, a look, a fate: we thought we knew everything about her, from her marriage to her tragic end at the age of 36. Yet Lady Di is everywhere. On Netflix, in particular, in the new season of The Crown, who is entering his early years alongside Prince Charles, but also, from early 2021, with Diana, a musical filmed behind closed doors on Broadway, pending the reopening of theaters in May.

“What fascinates about Diana is the failed fairy tale. »Stéphane Bern

In June, we also learned that Pablo Larraín (Jackie, Neruda), was about to shoot Spencer with Kristen Stewart, on the last Christmas the princess spent with the royal family. This is not the first time that Lady Di occupies the screens: her life has been the subject of many TV films and, in the cinema, it is Naomi Watts who, in 2013, put on her suits in Diana, by Oliver Hirschbiegel, dispensable melodrama on his thwarted romance with surgeon Hasnat Khan. But the phenomenon does not stop.

Once upon a time … “the wedding of the century”

In season 4 of The Crown, it is (perfectly) interpreted by the Briton Emma Corrin, 24 years old. From the trailer, everything that fascinates about Diana is there. As the ticking of a clock echoes of impending disaster, we hear the sermon delivered by the Archbishop of Canterbury at the “wedding of the century” on July 29, 1981: “This is what fairy tales are made of …” The rest, we know it: adultery, bulimia and suicide attempts. A nightmare which, according to Stéphane Bern, feeds the myth.

« What fascinates about Diana is the failed fairy tale, analyzes the royalty expert. Basically, we are satisfied when things go wrong because our life is not ideal either. In a way, she’s like us. And too bad if the blood of this viscount’s daughter was as blue as her eyes, the immense empathy she generates goes beyond class questions. “I will always remember hearing, when she died, people tell me that she was more familiar to them than their sister, their daughter or their mother, says Stéphane Bern. Basically, the princesses live in full light what each of us lives in the shadows. ”

British passion

Venerated, admired, Diana was also revered for her outfits, faithfully reproduced in The Crown. A sweater with high symbolic significance (with white sheep motifs, with the exception of a black one) has even just been reissued by the American brand Rowing Blazers, as well as a sweatshirt proclaiming « I am a luxury few can afford ». The two pieces passed in one day: “His sense of style remains very relevant, analyzes the founder of the brand, Jack Carlson. She blurred the lines between men’s and women’s locker rooms, luxurious and popular. It was streetwear before its time! While remaining the most iconic of the “Sloane rangers” (the British equivalent of “bon chic bon genre”). »

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