Laeticia Hallyday knocked out by an ex of Johnny who drops a bomb, she does not recover!

The more time passes, the more we know not pretty things about Laeticia Hallyday. Moreover, we tell you everything about this scoop which makes the buzz!

Laeticia Hallyday in turmoil

For three years, she has to manage everything

Johnny’s death left a gaping wound in the hearts of fans and his family. Moreover, the battle around the inheritance will have taken years before finding a favorable outcome. However, it had to go through complicated stages with the singer’s children and their stepmother. Laeticia Hallyday. With posts on social networks or articles in the press, the spikes followed one another without any admitting his wrongs. Moreover, even among the couple’s friends, it was necessary to choose sides.

Fortunately, the situation has calmed down somewhat since a financial agreement has been reached. As David relinquished his rights in favor of his sister Laura, things were a little easier to manage. Since Laeticia Hallyday has twice found love. First, in the arms of Pascal Balland then in those of Jallis Lexpert. In any case, what is certain is that a page is turning for her and her adopted daughters Jade and Joy. Will they finally find the road to happiness? Not so sure that a new media bomb will shake their fragile balance.

An end of inadmissibility!

We know it. Johnny has been married many times. And unlike Laeticia Hallyday who accompanied him until his last breath, it did not always end well between him and his former darlings. However, among the long list of women in love, we often forget the one who occupied the second place. This is Babeth. This is how the Taulier himself liked to describe it, it is “a gentle, healthy, discreet woman, always in a good mood, easy going and selfless. ” United for a year in the early 1980s, she stayed in touch with the Idol of Youth.

As she recounts, this beautiful love story turned into friendship. Moreover, it was common for the singer to confide in her, especially about his emotional setbacks. “He came to see me from time to time in Paris. He told me about his moods, especially with Adeline with whom things were not going well.”Alas, during his funeral, it is the double penalty. Even today, this event prevents him from mourning in good conditions. Impossible for her to say goodbye to him because Laeticia Hallyday did not hear it that way. Indeed, the latter would not have deigned to accede to his request. “I asked his entourage but no one answered me. As if I never existed. ” A real buried wound that she cannot digest! And we understand it!

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