Laia Sanz: «I don’t see grace in stages like that»

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The Spanish pilot Laia Sanz (GasGas) regretted having played a stage “in depth” in the ninth chapter of the Dakar Rally 2020 and said he tried not to “make mistakes” to put up with the type and placed seventeenth at the gates of the second marathon stage Of the test.

«The initial 40 kilometers have been very technical, very beautiful, a little slow. There I had a great time, but after the refueling, from km 180, it was thoroughly. I don’t see the grace in the stages like that, ”snapped the Catalan pilot.

The motorcycle category returned to normal this Tuesday after the day of mourning lived by the death of Paulo Gonçalves. Sanz tried to put aside the feelings and went back to his GasGas RC 450F to face the ninth stage in the best possible way. The Spanish crossed the finish line in 23rd place and won a position in the general to be 17th, 3h 07’27 “from the leader.

«I have loosened a little, because I didn’t want to hurt myself. I don’t see the grace in the stages like that. The only grace that had the end of today’s stage was to hold the gas and, really, I didn’t really want what happened the other day. I hope the special tomorrow will be different, ”he said.

Sanz added that “the second part was not made” for his piloting; “It was about going deep, long, long. I didn’t like anything and I took it easy to make sure I didn’t make mistakes. I knew I was wasting time, but I wasn’t going to take any risk,” he admitted.

In any case, the Barcelona is still in the top 20 of a Dakar that was soon put uphill by the fall she suffered on the second day and was asked for the second day marathon. «I hope I do better than the first marathon we had. I have to be patient, because, for speed, I find it difficult to beat those in front. Surely things will still happen, ”he concluded. .


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