Laila Kora source: There are no offers for Abdel Moneim

A source confirmed that the Egyptian team and national team defender, Mohamed Abdel Moneim, did not receive any offers, whether friendly or official, during the last period.

The source said, in exclusive statements via “Yalla Koura”, that the player’s focus is now in his career with Al-Ahly, whether at the local level or in the African Champions League competition, in addition to his focus in the two matches of Senegal in the framework of the final qualifiers and qualifying for the World Cup Qatar 2022.

The source, who preferred not to reveal his name, stressed that Abdel Moneim is currently focusing on his country and club in light of local and continental ties.

The source explained that Abdel Moneim extended his contract with the Red Team before leaving to Future on loan before the start of the season for a period of five years.

The first football team in Al-Ahly will enter a closed camp today, Thursday, in preparation for the confrontation with Sun Downs, scheduled for Saturday, in the third round of the first group competitions of the African Champions League.

It is worth noting that Al-Ahly started its campaign in the group stage with a goalless draw with the Sudanese Al-Hilal in the framework of the first group competitions, which includes both the South African Sundowns and the Sudanese Al-Merreikh.

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