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For some people, it is a joy in life to spend time fishing during their leisure time. If they succeed in fishing, they will get a sense of accomplishment, and sometimes they will bring unexpected surprises. A pair of German brothers recently went fishing in a lake in the Netherlands, but they did not expect to catch a huge golden catfish. They were both surprised and happy. In this regard, the experts also analyzed the fish is likely to have a genetic mutation after reading the photos.

▲The appearance of the catfish is golden yellow. (Picture/Retrieved from team_fishingbrothers IG)

According to a report from “Live Science”, a pair of German brothers were invited by a sponsor recently to go to a lake in the Netherlands on the 4th of this month to “try fishing”, but in the process they accidentally caught a huge catfish 119 cm long, except for its size. It is quite huge, and even the appearance is quite special, the whole is bright golden yellow and “the whole body is shining with golden light.” In the end, the brothers took a picture with it and put it back in the lake.

In this regard, one of the brothers, Martin Glatz, said in an interview that he started fishing at the age of 13, and spends 2-3 days a week to go fishing, but he has never seen a catfish of this appearance. “This precious encounter is shocking.”

The report pointed out that the fish is a large catfish unique to Europe, “Wels catfish” (Wels catfish). It is the largest freshwater fish. It may grow to 3 meters in length and 150 kg in weight, but most of them are soft gray and brown. Therefore, experts have judged that this golden catfish should be caused by a genetic mutation.

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