Laker already launches campaign for Anthony Davis

6th in the MVP standings, and finalist for the title of Defender of the Year last season, Anthony Davis can still hope to finally grab an individual distinction this year. He can already count on the strong support of one of his teammates in a category.

For some, he was the Lakers player who deserved the most votes in the quest for the MVP trophy last season. He was also the favorite of many observers in the race for the DPOY. Despite this, Anthony Davis was not rewarded for his beautiful first season in LA, except by an already very prestigious Larry O’Brien trophy.

But as his second year in the City of Angels loomed, many fans hoped to see him compete in earnest at an individual prize. And despite the low number of games played so far, one of his teammates is already the favorite for a specific award, none other than Jared Dudley.

To all those members of the media who have a vote to elect Defender of the Year: Please go watch the Lakers game against the Houston Rockets this (Tuesday) night! Watch how Anthony Davis impacts the game on the court like NO other player. He switches to Harden, and he counteracts and alters the shots!

It is true that in a meeting largely dominated by the Angelinos, AD particularly stood out in the defensive sector. Not necessarily very prominent offensively with 8 shots attempted – for 7 wins and 19 points – the Unibrow has added 5 blocks to its stat line. His reaction to one of his blocks clearly shows his feeling of domination in the racket.

However, with 1.9 against and 1.2 interception per game this season, he posted historically low averages by his standards, since more seen since… his rookie season! Dudley is well aware of this, and therefore intelligently advises future voters not to be confined to his partner’s statistics.

The tasks given to Anthony Davis are unlike any other players in this league… Some teams have defensive patterns. Here, he is the defensive scheme! The stats don’t always show it. It’s like an NFL cornerback that prevents passes but doesn’t make a lot of interceptions! Don’t just watch the number of blocks and interceptions, please watch the games 🙏🏽

The Lakers’ propaganda for Anthony Davis to be elected DPOY is already underway, with 60 games still to go for the Purple & Gold franchise. It’s up to Unibrow to keep up.

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