‘Lal Krishna Viratiyar will return’ Chintamani murder case second part confirmed’: Suresh Gopi

Kochi: Suresh Gopi is a favorite of the Malayali audience. Suresh Gopi’s role as Lal Krishna Viratiyar in the film ‘Chintamani Kolakes’ was a standout role in his career. Directed by Shaji Kailas, the film was a huge success. There were already hints that the film will have a second part.

Now Suresh Gopi has revealed that there will be a second part of the film. The new film Pappan is continuing its run in the theatres, getting a good response. As part of this, Suresh Gopi revealed about the second part of the Chintamani murder case when he met the media.

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He clarified this to the media who asked about Suresh Gopi’s new films. Suresh Gopi said, ‘There will be a unicorn, there will be an auction and Lal Krishna Viratiyar is also coming back. Suresh Gopi’s upcoming films are Highway 2, Mein Hum Moosa and Ottakomban directed by Jayaraj.

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