Lali Espósito sang for the first time with Nicki Nicole in La Voz Argentina: “What a pleasure it gave me!”

This Sunday they were defined the quarterfinals of Team Montaner on The Argentine Voice but the palms took Lali Esposito who did his first duet live with Nicki nicole. “It is the moment of a great surprise for all. We are going to have two great artists together on this stage. Are you ready Lali? Go get ready ”, he asked Marley to the jury while she put on glasses for the occasion.

“Nicki Nicole is the first Argentine to appear on the show Jimmy Fallon. It is the most listened to of this moment, so much that it has 11.4 million visits in Spotify. Lali, winner of the award Billboard to the social artist of the year who has more than 500 million views on her YouTube channel. For the first time together, Nicki Nicole and Lali ”, the driver introduced them.

Thus, the young Rosario, who had advanced the meeting in her networks with “the most beautiful”, took to the track to the rhythm of Wapo Tracketero and soon he was joined by the jury with his Boomerang for a unique moment for fans of both.

“This is cool, because the truth is that we said ‘let’s sing, let’s sing’. Well, or not? What a pleasure I gave myself! What a pleasure it gave me! ”, Exclaimed Lali Esposito while Nicki Nicole agreed with him. “It sounds divine, I want to lower it to have it in the car, now. Both together sound divine ”, acknowledged Marley.


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