Lam Tai Fai Middle School former student Zhang Jialang wins the championship. Lin Dahui once said that if he wins the Olympic medal package, he will be the owner-Hong Kong Economic Times-TOPick-News-Politics

Lin Dahui (right) used to go to the scene to cheer for Zhang Jialang (left). (Website of Lin Dahui Middle School)

The Olympic men’s foil Zhang Jialang brought Hong Kong the second Olympic gold medal in history. He graduated from Lin Dahui Middle School and was awarded the Outstanding Athlete by his alma mater three years ago. At that time, the school supervisor Lin Dahui once said: “If you win Olympic medals, I promise that you will be the owners!”

Lin Dahui was a member of the two-term Legislative Council, representing the industrial sector (second), but he also values ​​the development of sports in Hong Kong. He is currently the chairman of the Institute of Physical Education, and Lin Dahui Middle School, where he is the supervisor of the school, is rich in representatives of the Hong Kong team. Including Huang Zhenting, a table tennis player who is currently competing for the Olympic Games.

In 2018, Lin Dahui awarded the “Outstanding Athlete Award Scheme” to the alumni of Lin Dahui Middle School to support them in their struggle on the road. A total of 114,000 yuan was awarded. Zhang Jialang was one of the winners and received 36,000 yuan. Bonus.

Lin Dahui once told the winners at the event that if he wins an Olympic medal, he “promises that you will be the owner” because the amount of the prize is very substantial.

According to TOPick’s statistics, many of the Tokyo Olympic port generals have studied in traditional schools, and Lin Dahui Middle School also produced 4 port generals. Zhang Jialang is one of them. For details, see:【Next page】

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