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Lamma Seawreck

The family members of the Lamma Shipwreck later responded in an open letter stating that the Lamma Shipwreck may have been closed at the judicial level, but the family members still did not have the opportunity to understand the complete truth about the causes and consequences of the incident, and asked, “This is how the government has overridden the truth and public interests with administrative power. Is it?” The open letter mentioned that the family members of the Lamma shipwreck wanted the complete truth rather than a series of lies.

It has been more than 9 years since the Lamma shipwreck. The coroner decided not to hold an inquiry at the end of last year. The family members of the deceased have been asking for a death inquiry for the relatives of the dead. This newspaper obtained a report on the death of the victims submitted by the police to the coroner. For the first time, more than 2,000 pages of the report were exposed. The Hong Kong government investigated the Lamma shipwreck through three channels that year, but now only the internal investigation report of the Transport and Housing Bureau has not been made public.

Reports on the Lamma Shipwreck:

The police report on the Lamma Shipwreck once advocated the opening of the Coroner’s Court, alleging that Marine Department crew members refused to open the coroner’s court without a public trial as “unhelpful”

2000-page report dare not read Difficult Genus: I cried bitterly when I saw my brother’s name on the homepage

The internal report of the Transport and Housing Bureau has not been fully disclosed, and the public does not know who has been punished

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