Landing in Florida: what did Melania want to tell us with this outfit?

A look Melania was never seen in during her time at the White House. The 47th First Lady in US history was known for her body-hugging cocktail dresses in subtle tones, and she rarely used strong colors and patterns.

Now it could not only be a surprisingly loose fitting design, but also one decorated with orange hexagons. From high heels? Also no view far and wide.

What is Melania Trump trying to tell us? That she’ll take it easy from now on? Want to reinvent yourself? As so often in the past four years, she couldn’t please the Twitter community with this outfit. “The seventies want their curtain back!” Wrote one user. Another is just happy that in the future, Melania’s looks will no longer be constantly pressed on his eyes: “Money does not automatically mean class and good style.”

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