Landon Donovan: Mexican players wanted to have beer

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Mexico City / 04/16/2020 23:37:07

It was barely four months that was in León, but those were enough for Landon Donovan to realize that Mexican players are not as professional as they should be.

In conversation with Fox Sports, the American footballer, who he barely played six Liga MX games with the emerald shirt, he pointed out the shortcomings he saw to clarify the differences between soccer players in the United States and Mexico.

“I was in León for four months with very talented players, but what I saw with Mexicans, and some South Americans, was that they were not dedicated and they wanted to drink soda, beer with your friends or they ate badly. They were not perfect professionals ”, he assured.

He refused to play with America

Landon Donovan also referred to the possibility that he had to play with America in 2012Although he pointed out that he preferred to go to Everton in England, because it offered him the comfort he wanted.

“I was thinking between America and Everton. I wanted to go to a place that was more comfortable for me. The reality is that I wanted to go to a good Mexican team, like Leon, not America,” he said.



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