Landslide surprises residents in Las Chimeneas (videos)

Landslide in Las Chimeneas. (Photo: courtesy)

Neighbors of sector I, avenue 92 and 93 of the Las Chimeneas urbanization in the municipality of Valencia, Carabobo state, lived a moment of terror, when they heard a roar that came from the mountain located in front of their residential buildings.

The scenes are terrifying when he watches the small hill collapse.

Jacobo Vidarte, rescuer and accident expert, explained that it was a landslide, which can occur for various reasons.

The most common and the one that takes on weight in this case, is due to the defeat of gravity by a body of earth, which was increased, probably due to rain.

Vidarte rules out that it was some seismic event. That will be determined by the experts after doing the respective study, to see what was the cause of this landslide that caused the detachment of mass and rocks.

“Everything points, in my experience, that it was treated due to the recent rains and that they will continue to occur,” he added.

The other is to determine the vulnerability of the land after this event, in order to be able to give recommendations with certainty. It is expected that the rains will continue and no matter how low intensity they have, if they are frequent, it is likely that another landslide could be repeated and the necessary precautions must be taken to ensure the safety of all residents of that sector and their residences, stressed the Rescue Carabobeño.

Jacobo Vidarte published the video on his Twitter account in which the avalanche of earth and stones is visualized, unleashing a landslide in moments, blocking one of the free circulation channels.

The good news is that despite the fact that this hill is within the boundaries of the residential complex, perhaps because it was Sunday, at the time of the event there were no people or vehicles near the site, and everything happened in minutes and without material or human victims to regret, Vidarte indicated.

How to recognize the warning signs

  • Changes occur such as stormwater drainage marks on slopes (especially where rainwater converges), earthworks, small landslides, streams, or progressively leaning trees.
  • The doors or windows are locked for the first time.
  • New cracks appear in plaster, tile, brick, or foundation.
  • Exterior walls, hallways, or stairs begin to separate from the home.
  • Slowly increasing cracks occur in the floor or in paved areas, such as streets or driveways.
  • Underground utility lines are broken.
  • A bulge of earth appears at the base of a slope.
  • Water appears on the surface in new places.
  • Fences, retaining walls, utility poles, or trees lean or move.
  • When a landslide approaches, a faint roar is heard that becomes more and more perceptible.
  • The ground slides down in one direction and can drift in that direction under your feet.
  • Unusual sounds, such as the creaking of trees or the pounding of rocks, can indicate the movement of debris.
  • When driving, you see collapsed pavement, mud, fallen rocks, and other signs of possible debris avalanches (embankments on the sides of roads are particularly susceptible to landslides).

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