Landy invites Niska as a feat on his new single “Millions euros” [Clip]

After “No limit” and “Filon” Landy invites Niska in feat. on his new single “Millions euros”, this is the third single from his second album A-One which will be released on December 18, 2020.

For two years, the young rapper has seduced an ever-growing public, a sensational arrival in rap with the title “Down to my house” in 2017, this motorcycle and adrenaline enthusiast has multiplied his successes, especially with his first album Assa Baing, released in 2019 certified gold record, from which are extracted “Le Dyonisien”, “Muerte” feat Dadju, “Un gaou à Saint-Denis”.

In December 2019, he held his first scene, alone, in a packed Moulin Rouge Machine. Landy was right to crumple the microphone in addition to the bitumen with his two-wheeler.

Its formula? Street facts tales with an unstoppable sense of melody and collaborations with the headliners of French rap. His new album A-One which will be released on December 18, 2020, including “No Limit”, “Filon” and “Millions of Euros” feat. Niska are the first extracts, is an X-ray of a youth who goes too fast, in a sense of urgency and in perpetual deal with death, dangerous, exciting and overwhelming at the same time.


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