“Language Controversy: Motorway Signs Indicate Liège Instead of Luik in Antwerp”

2023-05-23 13:49:10

Road signs on a motorway interchange in Antwerp have for a few days indicated “Liège” instead of “Luik”. However, this is not an error, assured Katrien Kiekens, of the Flemish Roads and Traffic Agency, responsible for signaling, in the columns of Het Nieuwsblad on Tuesday. “According to the guidelines we use, the language of the destination is (now) used to indicate cities on road signs along highways.”

According to Minister Peeters, this new practice is contrary to language legislation. This “is there to be respected. I therefore request that the corresponding traffic signs at the new Antwerp-West interchange (Antwerpen-West) be urgently adapted in accordance with the language legislation. So it will be Luik and Namen again.”

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