Lanús beat Vélez 3-0 and is a finalist in the Copa Sudamericana

Lanús beat Vélez 3-0 in the second leg for one of the semifinals of the Copa Sudamericana. He is the first finalist after winning at the Ciudad de Lanús Néstor Díaz Pérez Stadium. After the expense made by Vélez in the first 45 minutes, Garnet before going to the dressing room opened the scoring with a goal from Thomas Belmonte. At the start of the second half, Nicolas Orsini extended the advantage for the local and in the end Alexander Bernabei settled the lawsuit.

Velez’s defeat was unfair as he took the initiative and was superior in the first half. Five minutes into the game, he arrived with a good shot from Ricardo Centurion from outside the area that Lautaro morales flew to send her to the corner kick. Two minutes later Ricky Centurión himself anticipated the local defenders, but his shot went over the crossbar. At eleven, it was Thiago Almada the one who wasted another chance for the visitor and his cross shot went close. And at 16, it was Federico Mancuello the one who sent the ball close after a shot outside the area.

El Fortín continued to be superior and had another with Almada himself, whose shot was sent to the corner by Morales, who begins to become the figure of Lanús. Two minutes later the goalkeeper himself took a free kick from Mancuello’s right, after a foul by Lautaro acosta to Centurion. At 26, Pablo Galdames He hit him from medium distance and Morales, very sure, did not rebound. After the first half hour, Vélez confirmed that he plays better with a Cristian Tarragona, again contained by the local goalkeeper.

Ricardo Centurion was one of the best in Vélez (REUTERS / Agustin Marcarian).

Pellegrino’s team dominated with a Centurion at a high level. The former Racing and Boca player is the best card of the visiting team and made Acosta hit twice, and ultimately the Laucha received the yellow card that prevents him from playing an eventual final. Just at 35 minutes those of Zubeldia had their first arrival through a corner kick. Matías Pérez won with a header, but was cleared by Miguel Brizuela placeholder image.

At 40 minutes, Tarragona received a ball, faced between two defenders and his shot went near the local goal. Three minutes later, Tarragona himself was expelled for a blow to Acosta. The Velez striker was down and the integrity of the garnet player was at risk.

Only at the end of the first half, in what was his second arrival, Lanús was able to open the scoring at the exit of a corner kick. Advance José Sand, his pass connected him “Toto ”Belmonte and the ball went inside. So the local team went to rest winning by the smallest difference.

At the beginning of the complement, Vélez took the reins again and went again with Centurión, whose shot from outside the area went over the crossbar. Although Lanús continued being more practical to extend his advantage. It was at 60 minutes thanks to a good projection from the right side Braian Aguirre, who prevailed against two rival defenders, his low shot was anticipated down by Pedro De la Vega and the ball took it Nicolas Orsini to set the 2 to 0.

Eight minutes later Orsini himself had another chance after a pass from Sand. With much less, Lanús is more dangerous than Vélez, who continued to have more the ball despite the less man.

In the 88th minute, with a Vélez played, Fernando Belluschi led a good counterattack, assisted Sand who gave the pass to Bernabei, which put the 3 to 0. With a global of 4 to 0, the Garnet liquidated the key.

Lanús did not make the expense in the 180 minutes of the two games and was left with the semifinal phase. In this way, he will play another continental final and will seek his second South American Cup. He will face the winner of the cross between Deportes Coquimbo de Chile and Defensa y Justicia (in the first leg they equaled 0 to 0). The definition will be on Saturday, January 23, at the Mario Alberto Kempes in Córdoba.

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Lanús: Lautaro Morales; Braian Aguirre, Matías Pérez, Alexis Pérez, Alexandro Bernabei; Pedro De la Vega, Tomás Belmonte, Facundo Quignon, Lautaro Acosta; Nicolás Orsini and José Sand. DT: Luis Zubeldia.

Velez: Lucas Hoyos; Tomás Guidara, Lautaro Giannetti, Miguel Brizuela, Francisco Ortega; Pablo Galdames, Federico Mancuello; Ricardo Centurión, Thiago Almada, Lucas Janson; and Cristian Tarragona. DT: Mauricio Pellegrino.

Stadium: City of Lanús Néstor Díaz Pérez

Referee: Wilton Sampaio (Brazil)

WHERE: Raphael Claus (Brazil)

Television: ESPN 2 and DirecTV


With a goal from Pepe Sand, Lanús beat Vélez at Liniers for the first semifinal of the Copa Sudamericana

Vélez qualified for the final of the Complementation Zone and must wait to meet his rival

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