Technology Lara Croft GO: "Tomb Raider" for Android for free

Lara Croft GO: “Tomb Raider” for Android for free


Again and again apps are offered for free in the Play Store – behind them there are absolute top-class players. In addition to the popular puzzle game Monument Valley, fans of the “Tomb Raider” franchise can currently dust off a real highlight.

Currently you get the puzzle game Lara Croft GO from Square Enix as a free download for Android and save € 6.99 in this way. If you secure the Siel for free as part of the campaign, you can also keep it and download it again later free of charge.

Please note that we can only reproduce the current status of such free promotions and have no influence on the decisions of the developers to end them earlier if necessary. Therefore, you should always check when you download whether the offer is still valid.



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