Lara Dez goes to the semifinals of the X Catalan Drama Tournament

Spectators of the X High Season Catalan Dramaturgy Tournament chose this Monday Lara Díez as the third semifinalist with her text Khwam Sukh Rodríguez. This is a couple who is expecting a child and decides to tell secrets that had been hidden until then. The text was performed by Ramon Pujol and Mònica Almirall in a fight that spectators could follow from home through the signal offered live by the festival. Díez prevailed over Marta Solé and the text Km0. In this case, Solé presented the reunion of two friends that life has taken in different ways. The text was performed by Mireia Gubianas and Anna Ycobalzeta.

The last fight before the semifinals will take place next Monday, November 9, in an exclusively virtual edition. In this case, Jumon Erra and Queralt Riera will fight to qualify for the semifinals of the tournament. The X Dramaturgy Tournament is not the only event that remains active in the High Season, as the theater festival keeps the programming at a distance. It premiered yesterday La casi first blind date, an innovative proposal that Francesc Cuéllar has co-produced with the festival and the Agrupación Colectiva Foundation.

On the other hand, the audiovisual proposal will also be released this week I had a Cayenne, by Ramón Madaula, which tells the story of a man who had a lot of money and now lives ruined with the only company of a goat. As for the catalog of works that can be seen online, Temporada Alta has incorporated this week The Coleman family omission, the successful Argentine version of the play that Claudio Tolcachir presented at the festival two years ago.


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