Technology Large cyber attack targets lens manufacturer Essilor

Large cyber attack targets lens manufacturer Essilor


Some hackers have declared a truce in their attacks on hospitals and are probably falling back on companies. According to information from L’Express, the Essilor group has been the victim of a ransomware-type cyber attack since last Saturday.

At the bottom of this type of attack, very popular at the moment among hackers, a phishing operation allows you to recover accesses and passwords in order to penetrate deep into the heart of the system. information from a large company.

Once properly installed, intruders map internal networks and identify the parts with the greatest commercial value. Activation of the attack can then take several months and paralyze the activity of the target.

Objective: to be in a position of strength to negotiate a ransom, without too many negotiations, in exchange for a release.

Impacted order intake

The internal computer system and order taking software are the most affected, according to the weekly.

Essilor, the world leader in the production of corrective lenses, has confirmed that “some servers and computers have been infected with a new virus. Our teams reacted immediately to isolate the contaminated machines and prevent the spread of malware. ”

“A gradual restart has started,” says the company.

It remains to be seen whether this major attack also resulted in a haemorrhage of internal data and the establishment of financial blackmail.

Certain hacker groups, such as the one targeting Bouygues Construction at the start of the year, specialized in extortion a posteriori. They claim their deed and publish extracts from stolen databases, then demand a transfer of Bitcoin to make them or not to disclose them.

Authorities, such as the National Commission for Data Protection (Cnil) and the National Information Systems Security Agency (Anssi), were alerted and mobilized as required by the procedure for large companies. A complaint should follow.


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